Wednesday, July 30, 2008

4 months!

I've been adopted for 4 months! No big celebrations but to brighten up the blog godpa put up some photos of goodies he had recently at Pacific Coffee. Too bad they're not dog edible.

A curious thing happened yesterday, which is my adoption day. I got locked out of the house! Godpa's dad had come home from shopping and he assumed that I returned indoors after my greeting at the entrance. Actually I slipped past him and stayed just outside. They only discovered I was missing when godpa's mum called me but I didn't come to her. After loitering around the corridor for 15 minutes, I began to worry whether I had been abandoned again. I was relieved when the door opened and I heard my name being called. When godpa learnt of the incident he was rather worried as I could have run downstairs or taken the lift down, or maybe got dognapped to be sold or eaten. Maybe godpa felt bad, so he gave special permission for me to sleep in his room that night. He knows I like to curl up on the comfy bathroom rug.

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