Monday, February 28, 2011

Great Daynes

It was a great Sunday as godpa finally brought me out to the re-located Bishan Park Dog Run. Along with the great bright and windy weather, we met a Great Dane! As usual I stayed away from most dogs and just did a quick nose to nose greeting with the big guy. Which reminds me, I'm weighing in at 5.3kg right now, a great weight though looking a bit unkempt.


The dog run has shrunk in size but there are now more benches for humans and trees for us dogs to take cover. The better latch gates and water point are certainly great. There's now no gate to link the two fenced up dog runs, which is kind of inconvenient if some dogs want to cross over after warming up their moods. Let's have more great days!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

For everything there is a season

The weather has become sunny and windy and obviously I'm benefitting from getting walks with godpa beyond just the estate where we live. Maybe it's time to visit the rebuilt dog run at Bishan Park.


Godpa's feeling a bit bored these days with no particular project on his schedule. Isn't it just like my life? Live each day looking forward to a good meal, and maybe some treats, catching afternoon naps, and snuggling into bed for the night. No particular purpose, no worries. He's been reading Zen stuff and philosophy but hey I'm living proof.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Happy New Bunny Year

Seven more years to go before it's my year (Dog year)! By then I'll be an old maid. Well, make hay while the sun shines, so godpa brought me out to Woodlands Waterfront to enjoy the breeze (more like gusts of wind) when the rains stopped. As you can see I was pretty excited and distracted by the scenery.

After returning, I had my share of the reunion dinner as part of the Chinese New Year celebrations: roast chicken, boiled pork, and rice. This is my third year celebrating this human custom. I wonder if rabbits are served next?

Made by Lena