Saturday, August 29, 2009

Seventeenth month

I don't see weird things during seventh month but anyway it's my seventeenth month with godpa today. Not much of a celebration other than some treats but at least godpa brought me out to the dogrun a few days ago even though the grounds were wet.

It's quite a hassle as he's got to bathe and dry me up after each outing. I guess he deserves having good food like crayfish marinara once in a while for all the effort. I've asked him to watch his weight but I've been told by Uncle Leon to watch mine too. At 4.8kg am I too heavy?

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Cleared up

It's great, my blog's all cleared up and godpa made sure he kept an online copy of the background image elements.

I suppose the daisy looks fitting because godpa knows I love to smell the plants and nibble the grass. It's a simple design, which reminds godpa of a mini Japanese garden he saw at Iluma shopping mall.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Going retro

Oh great, the new blog template that godpa put up for me had problems so we're back to the old look again. I guess he'll go "shopping" for another look when he's more time on his hands.

Unfortunately I'm of not much help as my paws are more suited for holding down food and toys. Perhaps this frightful Japanese figure will guard my blog from any hiccups.

Monday, August 10, 2009

What do you see?

What do I see (or in Hokkien "lekuasimi")? Not the moon and the stars but a new me of course. This time godpa got it right, no frizzy nose, just a clean cut.

Today we were supposed to visit the dogrun but the weather turned foul, not just gloomy but also smelly due to the forest fires in Indonesia. Guess I'll be stuck at home again like yesterday.

Yesterday, godpa had a sumptious dinner treat at Ministry of Food (MOF My Izakaya), his second visit there and it was well worth it. Great food and service. Godpa had a go at their salmon belly set meal, which was smooth and "fatty". I've had a try of salmon treats before but I guess they're not as good as the belly. The rest of the family tried Seafood Toji Tempura and another seafood toji with chicken in curry sauce. Everyone found the cold dessert satisfying, a mix of Japanese soft serve ice cream with shaved ice and various toppings.

What can I say? Yummy!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Another month older

Another month slipped past and it's been one year four months with godpa. Well, godpa's not getting younger too and his birthday's coming up.

Last year I know he received this novel about a dog named Marley especially after I dropped hints in my blog. This year I'm guessing he's a thirsty man and likes to have water with him when he speaks to large groups of people during work. I sort of fancy Sigg bottles though I know he won't get one for himself. He already has many sports bottles but apparently they're mostly leaky. I think this one's compact at 400ml and easy to open for a quick sip. We're so alike, we both don't need much water, just a sip will do.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Gracious doggy

Godpa just got his PC fixed up, not a major problem but he says it could resurface again because the root cause was not established. Such an analytical mind, fortunately he gave up analysing my mind long ago. I've been visiting the dogrun more regularly and godpa was pleased to see how much more gracious I've become.

I still snap occasionally when dogs get overly friendly and we encountered a lady in the dogrun who used a distraction technique through quickly touching my neck. Godpa thought her move was risky as I might just nip her accidentally. She shared that she swears by the wonderful books that Cesar Millan wrote. I wonder if she would try that with Bear or Bruno? On second thought, maybe not Bear or Bruno because they're not like other dogs at all. Anyway I hope she keeps her hands away from me because I have bitten accidentally before.

Meanwhile the human world has added yet another place for window shopping (godpa avoids spending unless it's food). He tells me the place is called Ion, what a weird name for a shopping mall. I'm still waiting for a doggy mall.


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