Monday, March 31, 2008

Uncle Leon says my blog too plain, just story only, no pictures. So I asked godpa to take some photos of me at my new home. I don't look pretty now as I can't bathe yet! The left one is me just outside godpa's bedroom. The one above is me looking out of the apartment windows. The view fascinates me and I love coming here to look see. There's a pool downstairs with people sunbathing and swimming, maybe I can see some macho dogs one of these days :) Hope godpa can bring me out again tonight though he's working late.

My 3rd day

This is my 3rd day at godpa's home. You can read about my past from big handsome Bear's blog, such as the announcement about me, my big adoption day, and the result of the adoption selection.

Bear's Pa sent me to the vet for spaying last Saturday and godpa Lawrence came along with uncle Leon. Godpa took me home right after the surgery. I was very confused and shivering badly then. I remember being put into a soft case carrier lined with a mattress and covered with godpa's used towel. He was trying to get me used to his smells, luckily he doesn't smell that bad :P

That evening they tried feeding me raw chicken wing tip with pork. I tried tasting it and it was cold! Godpa tried kibbles too but I never really liked those stuff. Since Sunday godpa got smarter and eventually made me great tasting warm stuff. I gobbled it all up. I was very happy and couldn't stop wagging my short little tail. Godpa was delighted too as he was worried when my poop became tiny and wet. Psst, I know he secretly slipped in my meds into the food :P

Godpa also taught me how to "heel" though seriously I prefer to take the lead and go where I want. Godpa stays in a nice place with lots of greenery so I like it when he brings me the leash. Today godpa went to work and left me with his parents. No big deal for me, I've experienced the rough world out there so I'm pretty independent, no more crybaby. I wonder what godpa has in store for my future, let me go take a nap and dream about it....ZZzzZzzZzzz

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