Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Food attack

What's this? I smell a thick slab of chicken covered in rich batter and deep fried till crisp on the outside yet remaining succulent inside. The meat is then covered in a unique blend of cranberry sauce that is sweet yet lightly complements the rich meat.

Godpa and colleagues dropped in to a new eatery called Eighteen Chefs and tried their culinary skills and service. Godpa says the food is good and servings are huge. His colleagues had to give up on the french fries and godpa barely finished his portion. He tried his best not to eat the fatty chicken skin but I think he managed to avoid only a smattering of it.

Overall godpa feels their staff try hard to be polite and attentive. They asked for feedback about the food, such as whether the brocolli soup was ok, whether the cranberry sauce was too sweet, whether the root beer batter fish tasted of root beer, and so on. One of his colleagues felt like she was being watched as the servers paid perhaps too much attention on them as they ate. He noticed some spoke rather softly and seemed to lack confidence. Anyway, they're still young like me so will need lots of training.

For me, I'm rather selective of food. For instance, the free bag of semi-moist livers that I got at a Club Pets event ended up in the trash because I refused to eat it. Even though the brand looked ok, Godpa was still apprehensive about it and my refusal was my way of telling him the food either tastes weird or isn't fresh.

So what's left for me to eat then? Exotic chinchilla in cranberry sauce? I was just joking. Godpa warns me never to lay a paw or jaw or tongue on my big brother Rocky.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Slippery ride

The weather was bad for some time so it was hard to see any silver lining. Ok, I get more sleep and play time at home but that's about it. One fine afternoon last week we finally got out of the house taking a ride in the new car to visit the dog run. Godpa says I'm a clever dog because I jumped right in when the door was opened. Actually I recognized the car from the smell of leather oils on godpa's clothes.
I was very well behaved in the car or so it seems. I had no choice because the leather seat was so slippery I could not stand or sit up for long before losing balance. It was a day with many visitors and a pleasant surprise for me to bump into DoDo and Momo as we got out of the car. Godpa says DoDo looked either thinner or longer, as for me, I'm told I gained weight.
Over the weekend, godpa went out and enjoyed a game of 三國殺. It's good he didn't bring me along as I don't understand how a bunch of cards can be so much fun compared to a nice chew bone or treat.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Artful doggy

Music be the food of love? Nah, give me a chicken wing anytime and I'll love you to bits. A trip outdoors would be nice too. I've yet to enjoy a ride in the new car because the wet weather ruined our plans for a trip to the dogrun.

I'm envious that humans have more options for recreation. Godpa went to attend a choir recital by some young kids from Monaco. They're called Les Petits Chanteurs de Monaco, which in French means The Little Singers of Monaco. I guess I would be called petit chien. or should it be Femme Fatale Nikita since I have a fiery streak.

The performance was held in an old building called the Victoria Concert Hall, which according to godpa is very run down with rusty looking air conditioning vents and noisy wooden chairs that are probably more suited to my small butt. Anyway godpa says the choir was good, especially when they sang classical pieces that showcased their powerful voices and masterful control.

One thing that almost marred the experience was the presence of young children and toddlers who were not content to just sit around. I can sympathise with them. What was puzzling for godpa was why the organizers or concert hall did not bar younger children from attending something not suited to their tastes. Thankfully the parents were considerate enough to leave the hall after an agonizing half hour trying to manage them. I guess godpa sometimes feels the same trying to manage my barkish manners.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Sporty beautiful

I'm not a very sporty girl and neither am I a Border Collie, but it does seem to me the human world of sports needs better understanding and communication between people. Humans are just so picky about what they wear that it creates frustration and unhappiness.

And now for godpa's frustrations. He discovered I was given a fur trim around my head by his dad. He's been lamenting the loss of my cute round face, and unhappy that my body now looks disproportionately bigger than my head.
Do I care? Well, not really. For the moment, godpa has a shiny new car that he can "dote" on. You can tell he likes the storm silver metallic colour and how it looks great under an overcast sky when a storm approaches. The "doting" will last until it gets its first dent or scratch or ... I better shut up.
"For you are dust, and to dust you shall return."

Friday, July 3, 2009

Jazzy new ride

Godpa's been delaying my blog for so long, no time to bring me on outings, and even skipping over my 15 months' anniversary date. What was he up to?

Mainly it's been work (the H1N1 flu isn't a good excuse for keeping me at home). I think I'll be forgiving because he's gotten a new car! Yippee. He says it's a similar model to the old one but it sure does look nicer and it's a bit bigger too. Will it smell nice? Will I get to scratch the new leather seats? I think leather will be tasty since it's similar to beef. Since I'm a special family member he'd better let me get a ride first before anyone else.

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