Sunday, October 17, 2010


Sometimes life is just so boring even with all the colourful stuff around us. Fortunately we have each other.
Of course, getting a new chew toy helps too. Somehow we lost the old bone in the house. It's still a mystery how it disappeared.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Come what may

Oh my, I got into trouble last Saturday. A neighbor came knocking on godpa's door and asked for compensation for her maid's medical bill. Godpa was a bit surprised but handled it calmly. Godpa's parents had brought me down for a walk and were taking a rest watching the world go by. Unfortunately no one saw a young chubby maid come by who intruded into my space. Me being impulsive and they being older folks, I soon barked and chomped on her leg in the blink of an eye. Godpa's dad had brushed it aside as a small scratch until godpa saw it for himself there was a puncture wound.
The lady was rather flabergasted that her maid's plight was minimized by godpa's dad and so appeared rather demanding. Godpa checked the bill, looked at the wound, and just apologized and paid up. It took her by surprise and she appreciated godpa's response. Godpa didn't even scold me or his dad who had control of the leash. I think he can be a Zen master. Of course thanks to me also, I've educated him about my biting powers after giving him a taste of my chompers last year.

Made by Lena