Friday, October 28, 2016

Woof! MWe need help


Godpa asked me to help out so I took extra effort to make this appearance after staying 3 years off the blog. And I'm probably getting too old for this (11 human years).

So why do mwe need help?

Well, godpa's been volunteering since 2007 at this place with a cool name: Oogachaga. I hear the people there are very kind to both pets and humans. They help take care of humans who feel lost, confused, depressed, or conflicted. They also help reconcile loving relationships that have turned bitter and help bridge better understanding between family members. 

For me, a hug a day solves all problems. But for humans it's really complicated and takes lots of professional counselling to get them going again.  I guess Oogachaga is providing hugs in its own way so that humans can feel loved and generate love. With more capacity to love and be loved, there can be more joyful and peaceful homes (for pets as well). 

Now here's the problem, this cool place is facing a possible shutdown after running for 17 years. Godpa says they've been facing this problem for years because regular funding is hard to get. It's not easy to get donations because human society does not like the people they are helping. I guess it's a little like how some humans just go for purebred puppies and ignore older non-purebred dogs like me. It makes me sad that humans make comparisons among themselves.

So help MWe please :


Saturday, March 30, 2013


It has been 5 years since joining the family, that makes me about 8 years old. The skin's a bit wrinkled but I still look great.

There's so much to be grateful for, the nice daily meals, clean water, cozy bed, and lots of freedom to roam the house. I get walks four times a day, and occasional outings in the car. I get to bark as much as I want when strangers walk near the door, and I get to lick the floor clean (that's my favourite pastime besides sleeping).

Godpa enjoys my company, stroking me, giving me tummy rubs, playing fetch with me, and receiving my kisses. He feels content seeing me curled up in bed each night. 

I think godpa is getting playful these days. He just bought this pressure cooker thingy and hopes to cook his own nutritious meals. It's good to remain playful, just don't feed me any failed cooking projects.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Silver bullet


Yep, I've been groomed today. It's back to the sleek silver bullet look. Actually the tone of my coat looks like Godpa's car colours so maybe I should say it's the storm grey look. 

The groomer found a dead tick at the back of my neck, wonder how it got there. To avoid tick problems, perhaps Godpa should just let me stay indoors so I can sleep, I mean meditate more.

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