Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Post Christmas cut

Oh, it's grooming time again. How I hate going there. Godpa was busy at work so uncle Leon sent me instead. I clung onto uncle Leon as he removed the collar, worrying each time that they might forget to bring me home. As you can see, I'm mentally exhausted after four hours away from familiar faces.


I'm not entirely unhappy of course. A new cut perks me up quite a bit.


Saturday, December 25, 2010

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Where are you bound

Godpa's been spying on me at home with a new human toy. It's an Internet surveillance camera that he can use to check out what I'm doing. One thing he's confirmed for himself is that I'm a very loyal dog who waits by the main door for the family when they're not home. They've long suspected it but just couldn't verify.


In the human world, cremation is also used to send off the departed just like how Benji was transformed. Godpa sent off his uncle today. Eulogies are not common in Singapore but godpa actually had a pleasant memory in mind even though he was not familiar with his uncle. Back when he was a fresh army recruit he had some tough times in camp for the first three months, somehow this uncle got to hear of it and actually made a call to feedback to the staff. You see, his uncle was a career soldier. There must be lots more about his uncle that he doesn't know about. I think it's really a privilege when someone gets to know you well, just like how godpa knows me so well.


Thursday, December 9, 2010

The meaning of dog companionship

Why do humans in Singapore bring a dog into their home. Godpa is pondering this question. We were happily enjoying Kodak moments at home but later in the evening a near disaster happened.


While on our usual walk around the estate, we encountered a bull terrier (looks similar to the picture below), under the care of a domestic helper, and which we later found out was actually off leash. As usual I gave a few growls as we briskly walked past the seemingly docile and quiet dog. Suddenly it dashed out and attacked me. It took a minute or so for the lady to pull the terrier away. Godpa anxiously checked for injuries and also asked her about the terrier. At least she was knowledgeable enough to say the dog is a bull terrier and is very strong. Fortunately there were no injuries though the event left me shivering for some time.

bull terrier

There's alot to say about leashing, muzzling, obedience, etc. But what disturbs godpa is how some people have stopped valuing the whole experience of having a dog, from grooming, exercising, training, picking up it's poop, to nursing it in ill health, and so on. A domestic helper takes care of the "shit" work and the dog owner (or rather purchaser) just sits back and enjoys "having" a dog. Godpa may be over generalizing things but his personal observation is that dogs are more often seen with the domestic help (mostly busy chatting on the handphone) than with actual owners. At this rate, I wonder how humans will end up treating their own young.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Merry "X"-mas?

The dog run at Nexus mall isn't ready yet and godpa overheard a pet store staff saying the roof area will take about three weeks before it's opened. It's a very crowded mall and all seems bright and beautiful but I don't understand humans who just like to create excitement and add stress to their pace of life.

Humans loved the cute Winnie the Pooh bear sitting ontop of a large Christmas wreath like thing, so I guess I should wish humans "Merry Pooh-mas" there? As for me I'm a lot more cuter than Pooh bear under the morning sun light.


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