Saturday, February 28, 2009


Godpa watched Marley & Me last night, it was a good 2 hour film though godpa found some differences from the original book. Well, what did he expect from a film that captures a good many years of a dog's life.

The human world seems in some sort of mess because of money. Nothing much bothers me unless it's a food crisis. Eat well, sleep well, and some exercise keeps me happy. Doesn't it work for humans?

Friday, February 27, 2009

Little house on the ...

Godpa went shopping to replenish treats for me and guess what he saw? Marley's house on auction! Did Marley go bankrupt?

It's like a dog bungalow where I could turn many rounds before laying down to sleep and still have space to hide toys and maybe host a few lizards for supper. Too bad it doesn't come with furniture and interior decorations.

Would godpa get it for me? I doubt it, looking at the auction start price of $888 it's a bit exorbitant. But then it's really for a good cause getting donations for Noah's Ark. No disappointments for me though, I've godpa's whole house to sleep in, well almost the whole house.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Scandal 2

Godpa has been busy but I'm doubting he's that busy as I smelled some sexy kitty's scent yesterday when he came home. He explained that she was just a street cat who looked adorable and wanted some attention. More seductive than adorable I think. But she does look beautifully clean for a street cat, wonder what's her beauty secret.

So besides cats, godpa's been enjoying foods as usual without me. This time it's Indonesian gado gado. He says this version has more vegetables and isn't as sweet as the local Singaporean Malay version. The sauce is also rather silky smooth instead of being filled with chunky bits of peanut.

And what do I get? A late afternoon walk in this hot hazy weather. Look at the size of my tongue craving for ice cream ... I mean water. I've told godpa not to disturb me in future unless there's food involved.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Snips and snails, and puppy dogs tails

Valentine's day was uneventful for me as I got left at home. Oh well, I'm not keen on getting hitched anyway. Which reminds me of what happened at the dogrun yesterday. Godpa read about the SKC event but we decided to go to the usual dogrun on Sunday. He thought it's alot better for me to enjoy the off leash socialization.

The place was packed with dogs and a few were taking classes, it seemed like guard dog training. I wonder if they have watch dog training, I'm a great barker you know. I had at least two suitors that day, an old black corgi-mix (grey whiskers and eye brow) and a miniature schnauzer with a punk mohawk furdo. Too bad godpa didn't take any pictures. We didn't mind the mohawk dog's interest in me but his human insisted on keeping a distance so he wouldn't hump me. Should've let him try so I can teach that punk a lesson in dog etiquette.

Godpa says he's going to be busy the next few weeks especially in the evenings. So it looks like less photos of me and more on food *argh* He tried Komala's masala dosai today, it's pricey but alright he says. I wonder when I'll have a go at spicy foods. Would I go haywire like what happens after my showers.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Hot and stinky

It's been so hot these days I think I'm stinking from the sweat. Godpa squeezed time for a dogrun excursion last week but sadly it rained shortly after we arrived there. So it's mainly been walks around the familiar estate, usually brisk ones to ensure I get enough cardio exercise (or is the cardio meant for godpa?)

We did some obedience revision today. As you can see, I was asked to "stay" so very far away that I nearly broke the "stay". I guess I'm rusty too.

Since the flowers looked pretty, I was asked to pose for some cute shots to brighten my blog. As for the fire hydrant photo, I'm not really into those things though godpa thought dogs and fire hydrants often go together (not for a bitch!)

Monday, February 9, 2009

元宵 Spring returns


Hmm, do I know Chinese? Well, I guess so as godpa does speak to me in Mandarin sometimes. I suppose I'm a tri-lingual dog (include my own mother tongue of course). Godpa's back into this blog thing after a short mourning for Benji. Actually he's been feasting a bit at the same time; life's full of contradictions. He says he'd only one big buffet feast this year and it was with colleagues. As for yusheng (鱼生) he only had it twice this year. He loves yusheng; probably I'd like it too since there's raw meat involved.

Godpa did not forget to treat me for the new year, and coincidentally my new treat is dried salmon strips. They're kind of crunchy and strangely smell like cured cuttlefish rather than fish. Hmm, godpa wonders if there's something fishy going on with the product.

One of my favourite pastimes these days is sitting on the sofa with godpa while he watches tv. If I ask politely he'll sometimes let me jump up there (usually after I obediently do a sit).


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