Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Scandal 2

Godpa has been busy but I'm doubting he's that busy as I smelled some sexy kitty's scent yesterday when he came home. He explained that she was just a street cat who looked adorable and wanted some attention. More seductive than adorable I think. But she does look beautifully clean for a street cat, wonder what's her beauty secret.

So besides cats, godpa's been enjoying foods as usual without me. This time it's Indonesian gado gado. He says this version has more vegetables and isn't as sweet as the local Singaporean Malay version. The sauce is also rather silky smooth instead of being filled with chunky bits of peanut.

And what do I get? A late afternoon walk in this hot hazy weather. Look at the size of my tongue craving for ice cream ... I mean water. I've told godpa not to disturb me in future unless there's food involved.

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