Friday, January 22, 2010

A place to belong

Godpa bathed me yesterday so he could trim off some of the matted fur while I was wet and vulnerable. Of course it was an enjoyable process, getting scrubbed and massaged with tender love. He took pains to scrub under my chin too as it was getting stained. He hopes I can maintain a good clean look at least until the grooming early next month, groomed just in time for the Chinese New Year. I'm expected to look pretty for visitors and will be going on a special visit too.

After the bath we went out for a short trip to uncle Leon's place. Along the road godpa spotted a wandering dog, a hobo. It's quite a rare site in Singapore but it's even more rare to find humans without a home.

Just last week, godpa saw about 22 tents housing homeless people at Sembawang Park. They've since been relocated to temporary housing thanks to other humans who reported on it.

I guess when humans learn to be compassionate to their own, dogs like me will benefit too.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

First outing for 2010

Yeah, my first outing for the new year. Finally the weather has been getting warm and sunny so godpa brought me to the Bishan Park dogrun together with his dad. Uncle Leon was busy as he had to attend a wedding feast at a restaurant some 60 floors above the scene of the Singapore river. No feast for me, just a small dinner of rice and Hainanese style steamed chicken. It's not the healthiest choice but godpa's mum spoils me.

The park was packed today and we could not recognize anyone from there. It seems the weekend crowd is very different from the weekday regulars. I didn't get to mingle much as they were all new butts and faces (the dogs I mean). Very soon it will be the Chinese New Year, and godpa had a request to bring me to visit uncle Leon's niece and nephew. I better go get a nice hair cut, maybe I can get a big ang pow.

Made by Lena