Monday, March 30, 2009

Slumber land

Godpa's fast, he got me a bed last night. He could envision a bed with snug corners to wrap around me whereas Uncle Leon thought a big flat mattress is more practical.

Of course godpa knows me best after observing me curled up against the wall of the cloth crate causing it to bulge at the sides. I sniffed at the bed a bit before circling and plonking down to a cosy sleep.

Godpa was glad the bed was intact the next morning as I liked to scratch at my sleep area sometimes. I like my simple comfy bed so I'll take good care of it. Licks to godpa, and of course Uncle Leon.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

My first year

Today is my birthday! Godpa tells me I'm 4 years old and it also marks my 1 year of adoption by godpa. Looking back, I was then a scrawny shy little girl who was unwanted and abandoned, and now I'm a petite dignified princess with an alarming bark and lithe figure.

I got praised for my hourglass figure by the vet too. I had my general check-up and vaccination boost last Thursday and was told I've a nice lean body with healthy weight of 4.85kg. I think that helped to alleviate the pain from a surprise injection in my butt.

I've to thank godpa and Uncle Leon for giving me a healthy lifestyle. Good raw meats, cooked veggies, and lots of brisk walking. Godpa invited me to sleep over in his airconditioned bedroom last night since it was warm but I'm used to my own bed so I pestered him to let me out. He says he wants to get me something for my birthday. Hmm, maybe a nice soft bed?

Monday, March 23, 2009

A Wonderful World

Godpa's been back for some days but was busy scanning and touching up photos. He told me about the good life of dogs in Taiwan.

He found dogs frolicking under cherry blossoms and dancing with the Tsou people in Alishan, puppies peacefully napping on an old street and dogs idling in the mountain township of Wulai.

How I wish I could migrate there (with godpa of course).

It's been two months since my grooming so it was time to go for another cut. I was quite happy in the car ride to the groomer's but once the car stopped I began to get nervous shivers. I couldn't help it, even as I was carried into the shop by Uncle Leon.

The groomer told godpa things went well and it took less than 2 hours to get me all done up. Soon godpa had me trying on a new bandana that he bought for me from Taipei. Such a thoughtful gift.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Godpa made time for us to visit the dogrun last Sunday. There was a crowd when we reached and godpa wondered if I'd be overwhelmed. As you can see, I was a little four footed chilli padi, especially when pesky males such as that punk furdo miniature schnauzer kept coming after me. Godpa was cool with it though the other human was a bit uncomfortable with his amorous dog. I managed to mingle a little, afterall, it's a rare chance given the unstable weather these days.

After getting home, godpa went out for dinner and caught a beautiful sunset sky. I didn't get to see it as I stayed home to rest.

Godpa's going on his trip this week. I'll miss him but I hope he brings back good memories from his travels and shares them with me.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Away, I'd rather sail away like a swan that's here and gone

Godpa's been visiting unusual places. This one looks like a great place for dogs to run. Too bad it's meant for larger four legged animals.

Besides being busy with work, he still has time for nice foods of course. Just a while ago he found out his favourite Javanese food has a blog. This time round he tried the Ayam Cobek dish, a fried kampong (free range) chicken dish with marinated tofu and tempe.

No new photos of me but anyway I'm starting to look untidy with uneven fur growth. Godpa says it's time to visit the groomers after he returns from his overseas holiday. Yep, godpa's going off again without me. I hope he brings back goodies for me from Taiwan.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Happy birthday, almost a year

It's been almost a year with godpa. February is a weird month as it doesn't have day 29 which is my birthday! Soon I'll be 4 years old. Wiser maybe but I'm still so scared of thunder storms that I beg to sit on the sofa with godpa or whoever's home. Fortunately I don't go ballistic like Marley.

Godpa has a secret birthday present for two persons, one of which is me of course. Too bad it's not much of a surprise considering that I hear it blasting into my ears at night. Yeah, godpa's got talent.


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