Sunday, March 29, 2009

My first year

Today is my birthday! Godpa tells me I'm 4 years old and it also marks my 1 year of adoption by godpa. Looking back, I was then a scrawny shy little girl who was unwanted and abandoned, and now I'm a petite dignified princess with an alarming bark and lithe figure.

I got praised for my hourglass figure by the vet too. I had my general check-up and vaccination boost last Thursday and was told I've a nice lean body with healthy weight of 4.85kg. I think that helped to alleviate the pain from a surprise injection in my butt.

I've to thank godpa and Uncle Leon for giving me a healthy lifestyle. Good raw meats, cooked veggies, and lots of brisk walking. Godpa invited me to sleep over in his airconditioned bedroom last night since it was warm but I'm used to my own bed so I pestered him to let me out. He says he wants to get me something for my birthday. Hmm, maybe a nice soft bed?


D0gl0v3r said...

Happy Barkday Nikki! :) You are so blessed with Uncle Lawrence & Uncle Leon as your guardian angels!

Uncle Leon said...

Nikki ger HaPPy HaPpy DaY...


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