Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Hot days ahead

The weather's been hot and humid causing Godpa to catch another round of stomach flu. Fortunately he kept some of the old medicine and managed to get over it within a day.


Now the next hot thing would probably be the local human society's focus on electing their "top dogs". You see, these small group of fellow humans are elected as ministers to represent and work for the good of a larger group of humans. I guess the difference between an alpha dog and a minister is that when the alpha dog fails to lead, it's something very obvious and the pack quickly "demotes" the dog. For humans, things aren't so clear because they have to get past layers of information and mis-information. For some they lack courage to "bark" down the unworthy minister. For any "pack", its survival depends on the pack's ability to exercise its choice. Anyway Godpa says he is eager to exercise his "bark". Woof!


Made by Lena