Friday, October 30, 2009

The tramp, the lady

No more high tech celebrity makeover, this is the real thing. Today the whole family brought me out for grooming. They had a great time shopping while I spent two hours stuck at the groomer's. Godpa will be giving me treats to compensate for the "abuse". I was trembling when godpa came to fetch me so he thinks I'm still very much fearful, or could it just be the cold air conditioning?

I look more rugged having long fur and more refined in the short coat. Anyone who doesn't know me would've thought there were two different dogs of different breeds. Of course dogs would have no problem as we recognize by scent.

The grooming experience wasn't that bad actually as godpa saw me quietly let my nails be clipped just before he left. I probably would be fearful if godpa didn't pick a good groomer, especially after he told me of the poor boy who died after the groomer rained blows on his head. Junior was a three year old Maltese, quite close to my age.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Brave Bold Pink

Tomorrow marks my 1 year 7 months with godpa and I was told I'm going for grooming the day after that. With the aid of modern technology (which I think is still very crude), godpa pictured how I might look with a glamour cut.

Pink looks like a good colour for me but I prefer natural tones and wearing a more traditional style recognizable by the general dog population.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Instant me

Modernization is a human invention that has made life more convenient but not always a more rich experience. Like the new brand of instant noodles that godpa tried, it smelled and tasted great with an "XO" flavoured sauce but it lacked much nutrition.

Speaking of life, godpa's been reading a little about Zen. And it seems humans suffer because they are too smart and think too much. "Life is suffering" as a famous human said. Sounds kind of pessimistic but it's realistic too. Godpa thinks the life of animals are blissful. It's true, I never worry about tomorrow or fret over losing my toys. When I need to pee I just inform a human, when I'm hungry I'll look greedily at any food on the table, when I feel bored I just sleep, when godpa comes home I just run up to greet him.

When my belly gets a rub, I willingly roll over. Live life as it comes.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Another hot season

Poor godpa, his flu subsided for a while but worsened. He says it's due to his sinus getting infected, which happens quite often when a flu hits him. He's now on a course of antibiotics and the tablets are not only big, they're costly at S$3.95 a piece! Some people say he's weak, but actually the sinus is part of natural bone structure so what could he do about it?

Can't imagine myself having a sinus problem as I'm as fit as a fiddle, taking no supplements except a healthy diet of raw meaty bones, though contaminated by rice and cooked food from godpa's parents during dinner. They've grown to be more doting on me which is a huge difference from the displeasure godpa's mum had when I was first carried into the house. Godpa says I've done a good job of building a fine reputation about the house, and listed the following:
  • I have learnt not to soil the house by asking people to bring me downstairs when I need to pee or poo
  • I don't bark unnecessarily, only to warn of strangers moving about outside the front door
  • I'm low maintenance and not picky on food or dressing up
  • I am courteous and welcome all visitors to our house. I don't pounce on them and neither do I hump their legs
  • I don't ruin furniture in the house (well, except scratching the door post a few times because I wanted to join godpa in his bedroom)
  • I sleep all day and play when anyone's interested
  • And best of all, who can ignore my cute floppy ears and graceful manoeuvres such as flipping over for a belly rub.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Above, Below, In-between

Looking up the sky is blue, and looking below my nail's been cut! I think godpa's a bit delirious the way he's writing my blog today. Probably it's the flu that he's caught over the weekend, which explains why he's home today resting.

Godpa's dad bathed me and then godpa gave me a good comb down as I got blown dry. Next came the nail cutting part which I abhor. I whimpered and then licked the guillotine nail clipper, thinking it would go away if I rained enough kisses on it. Sadly I lost all my fine long claws on the front paws. No nail art for me.
I think the flu made godpa more "courageous" in clipping nails today, he used to be squeamish once I put on my charm looking like a frightful damsel when the clipper came close. The good thing about short nails is that I can now walk gracefully around the house without an annoying clickety clack.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Diversity Unity

The weather has been bad these days and it's not just about the heat in Singapore. There are typhoons and earthquakes going all around this region, that's what godpa told me. In tough times, many step forward to help and even dogs have lent their noses for a good cause. Look at that handsome german shepherd, wish I could be like him.

Adversity unites diversity, well most of the time. In the human world, some adversities reveal cracks in their society. Hmm, I can imagine myself feeling betrayed and dejected if another dog joins our family and replaces my privileged position as first dog of the household, like eating first before I do or getting into the car before me. I'll probably pick a fight to reclaim my position.

The fact is, nothing's really fair in this world. As a dog, life is simpler without troubling over too many choices. Poor humans have to choose their husbands, wives, school, employer, government, etc. I can only hope that godpa treats me well.

Made by Lena