Monday, October 26, 2009

Instant me

Modernization is a human invention that has made life more convenient but not always a more rich experience. Like the new brand of instant noodles that godpa tried, it smelled and tasted great with an "XO" flavoured sauce but it lacked much nutrition.

Speaking of life, godpa's been reading a little about Zen. And it seems humans suffer because they are too smart and think too much. "Life is suffering" as a famous human said. Sounds kind of pessimistic but it's realistic too. Godpa thinks the life of animals are blissful. It's true, I never worry about tomorrow or fret over losing my toys. When I need to pee I just inform a human, when I'm hungry I'll look greedily at any food on the table, when I feel bored I just sleep, when godpa comes home I just run up to greet him.

When my belly gets a rub, I willingly roll over. Live life as it comes.

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uncle Leon said...

Nikki's raw meat is more nutritious than the mee kosong


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