Friday, October 30, 2009

The tramp, the lady

No more high tech celebrity makeover, this is the real thing. Today the whole family brought me out for grooming. They had a great time shopping while I spent two hours stuck at the groomer's. Godpa will be giving me treats to compensate for the "abuse". I was trembling when godpa came to fetch me so he thinks I'm still very much fearful, or could it just be the cold air conditioning?

I look more rugged having long fur and more refined in the short coat. Anyone who doesn't know me would've thought there were two different dogs of different breeds. Of course dogs would have no problem as we recognize by scent.

The grooming experience wasn't that bad actually as godpa saw me quietly let my nails be clipped just before he left. I probably would be fearful if godpa didn't pick a good groomer, especially after he told me of the poor boy who died after the groomer rained blows on his head. Junior was a three year old Maltese, quite close to my age.

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