Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Z Z Zen

I think godpa's really into Zen stuff, he even got me new treats called Peace from Zen Puppy. It's semi-moist and rather tasty, quite a good choice. As for godpa, he gets treats more often I think. Recently a new mall opened (yes, another one), and he tried some Thai food at the food court there. The mall looks rather nice and spacious and is supposed to be eco-friendly. To be real eco-friendly they should let me in so I can accompany godpa.

Food wise I'll give Thai food a miss, not too keen on the chilli and spice. Another Zen thing godpa gave me is my very own terry cotton mat so I can laze around comfortably on the cold hard floor. Furthermore I get to use it as a blanket during bed time and it doubles up as a mat for car rides and sitting on the sofa to accompany godpa during TV time.

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