Sunday, November 8, 2009

Bad ear, good outcome

It's been a weird week for me ever since my grooming. Everyone noticed I was behaving funny - head tilting to one side when sitting and shaking my head less vigorously than usual. Godpa was much more sensitive to my problem as he noticed I squealed a few times when scratching my head and raised my paw each time he reached for my left ear. Godpa did not think I was whacked by the groomer but still he believes I must be in pain and hiding it. He read about how animals hide their injuries very well for the sake of survival.

The dreaded thing had to happen, we went to the vet on Saturday. It was a terrible experience compared to previous visits because it was crowded with dogs. That was the first time I planted my butt at the corridor and refused to go in. Poor godpa had to carry me in like a spoilt girl. All the dogs and humans were friendly but I was shivering and growling sometimes. Godpa's arm received some scratches from my front paws as I tried to push away, lucky for him he had thick skin.

Thankfully it was soon my turn and I was found to have a left ear infection, possibly due to liquids left in the ear during grooming. It could have been shampoo or ear cleaning solution. Godpa and uncle Leon helped to hold me down as the vet flushed my ears with a variety of medicated solutions. Godpa was relieved to see all the pus and brown stuff float out of my ear, and I was relieved the whole visit was over and done with in less than half an hour.

Here comes the good part. In order to feed me my medicine godpa has been combining it with treats for me. So it'll be daily treats at least for a week.

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