Monday, November 23, 2009

Sweet Dear

Looking at the kind of sweet treats that I get I guess getting sick isn't too bad. It was a mix of treats topped with sweet syrupy medicine. A tablet had also been crushed and stuffed into the strange combo. I eagerly waited for it every night though eating it often made me thirsty.

Godpa had his own share of sweet stuff too though it's pricier and tastier than mine. It was a celebratory treat he said. Wish I could have been there to smell it at least.

Godpa also wanted to share a sweet image with me. While driving around in Simei one afternoon, he spotted a guide dog and his blind human. Godpa had seen such dogs in movies but it's a rare occasion to see one on the streets of Singapore.

With Christmas in the air now, I wonder what other sweet things will come my way. I believe Rocky, the chinchilla is wondering too.

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