Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Failure is a single path?

Thankfully the weather has been sunnier and godpa brought me to the dogrun one morning last week. It was a public holiday so he could have slept in late but he must've felt guilty for not giving me time to play with other dogs. We met a twelve year old senior dog that day who was rather interested in smelling me but I warned him to back off. Unfortunately I didn't notice he was blind, my bad. Anyway it was an honest mistake because he behaved pretty normal even though his eyes looked whitish.

Just earlier I smelled some goodies and jumped about as godpa brought out muffins. As usual the tasty human treats never make it to my tummy. I was told the muffins came from the Assumption Pathway School which provides a variety of vocation options for students who repeatedly do not pass this human examination called the PSLE. I wonder did I flunk some dog exam causing me to be abandoned? It seems the human world has so many man-made criteria for survival. A dog's world perspective is much more human friendly.

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