Monday, October 12, 2009

Above, Below, In-between

Looking up the sky is blue, and looking below my nail's been cut! I think godpa's a bit delirious the way he's writing my blog today. Probably it's the flu that he's caught over the weekend, which explains why he's home today resting.

Godpa's dad bathed me and then godpa gave me a good comb down as I got blown dry. Next came the nail cutting part which I abhor. I whimpered and then licked the guillotine nail clipper, thinking it would go away if I rained enough kisses on it. Sadly I lost all my fine long claws on the front paws. No nail art for me.
I think the flu made godpa more "courageous" in clipping nails today, he used to be squeamish once I put on my charm looking like a frightful damsel when the clipper came close. The good thing about short nails is that I can now walk gracefully around the house without an annoying clickety clack.

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