Sunday, October 11, 2009

Diversity Unity

The weather has been bad these days and it's not just about the heat in Singapore. There are typhoons and earthquakes going all around this region, that's what godpa told me. In tough times, many step forward to help and even dogs have lent their noses for a good cause. Look at that handsome german shepherd, wish I could be like him.

Adversity unites diversity, well most of the time. In the human world, some adversities reveal cracks in their society. Hmm, I can imagine myself feeling betrayed and dejected if another dog joins our family and replaces my privileged position as first dog of the household, like eating first before I do or getting into the car before me. I'll probably pick a fight to reclaim my position.

The fact is, nothing's really fair in this world. As a dog, life is simpler without troubling over too many choices. Poor humans have to choose their husbands, wives, school, employer, government, etc. I can only hope that godpa treats me well.

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