Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Kawaii or 乖?

I get baths twice to thrice a week which godpa thinks is too much but his parents think otherwise. Why should I complain when I can cool off in cherry scented lather and be treated like a fashion model getting her hair blown. I do miss my stylist though because I look like a puffy furball now. I hope to get a cute cut for Christmas at least.

I'm proud that I was better behaved during this evening's walk. No heel command was given but I walked nicely beside godpa, and I hardly got agitated by strangers. Godpa believes it's mainly because he brought out his 法宝 (ultimate magical treasure). Yep, he spent time revising obedience training notes, especially the one about recalling under distractions. Fortunately for me I can remember the lessons even without the notes. The sound and scent of the 法宝 was enough to remind me to pay attention to godpa.

While godpa is happy about my good manners, he's also happy in getting a good deal on a camera accessory. His old flash had conked out and with rising costs and his humble pay, he got himself a second hand flash that was hardly used except for a wedding event. I've asked him not to use it on me as I look horrid under the harsh flash light.

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