Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Remembering a relationship

Godpa had a conversation with a friend who lost his dog, Hugo, to old age and illness. Though Hugo left earlier this year, he still feels the emptiness on returning home each day after work.

Hugo had spent twelve years with him and in recent years had asthma and had gone blind. His human and him slept in the same room and sometimes woke each other up in the early morning hours. Hugo would wake him with his asthmatic coughs and he'd get up to soothe him. His human sometimes woke him up too because he was more sensitive to sounds after becoming blind. Godpa commented that his friend was like a caregiver, and this was very true as Hugo was family to him.

Of course Godpa recalled about Benji too. But with me around, he doesn't have much chance to feel too sad. Not forgetting he is well loved looking at how he is well fed and has birthday wishes granted.

Yep, he got a cool looking Sigg water bottle as a present. The symbolic prints are actually quite meaningful if seen up close. And today he had lunch at Lobster Place in Simei. He didn't order lobsters but the very cheap $4.80 set lunch. I guess heaven for now is a place on earth for both of us.


Made by Lena