Saturday, September 26, 2009


Godpa left hurriedly early on Friday morning for a retreat. He came back late at night tired and tanned. Well it's puzzling why humans need to work so hard for a retreat or go away to another country to do it. It would just be good to rest at home for a day doing nothing except eat, play, and sleep. A good day at home with me would have been great therapy for both of us.

Anyway he shared that he visited a fruit farm in Desaru, went kite flying at a beach, and saw fireflies on a river boat tour. I suppose seeing fireflies is fascinating as godpa described how hundreds could be found twinkling on each tree as if they were Christmas fairy lights. Too bad he couldn't record the lights as they could only be appreciated by the naked eye.

Another fascinating thing he saw was a monkey born in captivity who thinks rabbits are his relatives. He was rather rough with them but all in the name of play, just like how I play with godpa sometimes.

Now let me show you how a real retreat is done. No hassle at all.

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