Monday, September 28, 2009

One and a half

Godpa's feeling dejected by what I did to him, like a parent who had a teenage child rebel against him. It was just our usual walk in the estate under twilight skies and we had our usual encounters with strangers walking or jogging past us. I got very agitated and accidentally bit godpa on two separate occasions. His right leg got scratched but his left received worse damage.

Maybe it's the terribly hot weather that made me hot headed. Or perhaps because I got an ugly hair cut from godpa's dad. Godpa ignored me for a while after the incident but relented, knowing that it's just another unfortunate accident. Furthermore tomorrow's a special day reminding both of us how we came to be together.

Tomorrow will mark 18 months under godpa's care. Even after one and a half years, that wolf side of me pops up now and then to swallow Red Riding Hood.

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uncle leon said...

what a bite nikki girl...


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