Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Another hot season

Poor godpa, his flu subsided for a while but worsened. He says it's due to his sinus getting infected, which happens quite often when a flu hits him. He's now on a course of antibiotics and the tablets are not only big, they're costly at S$3.95 a piece! Some people say he's weak, but actually the sinus is part of natural bone structure so what could he do about it?

Can't imagine myself having a sinus problem as I'm as fit as a fiddle, taking no supplements except a healthy diet of raw meaty bones, though contaminated by rice and cooked food from godpa's parents during dinner. They've grown to be more doting on me which is a huge difference from the displeasure godpa's mum had when I was first carried into the house. Godpa says I've done a good job of building a fine reputation about the house, and listed the following:
  • I have learnt not to soil the house by asking people to bring me downstairs when I need to pee or poo
  • I don't bark unnecessarily, only to warn of strangers moving about outside the front door
  • I'm low maintenance and not picky on food or dressing up
  • I am courteous and welcome all visitors to our house. I don't pounce on them and neither do I hump their legs
  • I don't ruin furniture in the house (well, except scratching the door post a few times because I wanted to join godpa in his bedroom)
  • I sleep all day and play when anyone's interested
  • And best of all, who can ignore my cute floppy ears and graceful manoeuvres such as flipping over for a belly rub.

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