Monday, February 9, 2009

元宵 Spring returns


Hmm, do I know Chinese? Well, I guess so as godpa does speak to me in Mandarin sometimes. I suppose I'm a tri-lingual dog (include my own mother tongue of course). Godpa's back into this blog thing after a short mourning for Benji. Actually he's been feasting a bit at the same time; life's full of contradictions. He says he'd only one big buffet feast this year and it was with colleagues. As for yusheng (鱼生) he only had it twice this year. He loves yusheng; probably I'd like it too since there's raw meat involved.

Godpa did not forget to treat me for the new year, and coincidentally my new treat is dried salmon strips. They're kind of crunchy and strangely smell like cured cuttlefish rather than fish. Hmm, godpa wonders if there's something fishy going on with the product.

One of my favourite pastimes these days is sitting on the sofa with godpa while he watches tv. If I ask politely he'll sometimes let me jump up there (usually after I obediently do a sit).

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