Monday, February 16, 2009

Snips and snails, and puppy dogs tails

Valentine's day was uneventful for me as I got left at home. Oh well, I'm not keen on getting hitched anyway. Which reminds me of what happened at the dogrun yesterday. Godpa read about the SKC event but we decided to go to the usual dogrun on Sunday. He thought it's alot better for me to enjoy the off leash socialization.

The place was packed with dogs and a few were taking classes, it seemed like guard dog training. I wonder if they have watch dog training, I'm a great barker you know. I had at least two suitors that day, an old black corgi-mix (grey whiskers and eye brow) and a miniature schnauzer with a punk mohawk furdo. Too bad godpa didn't take any pictures. We didn't mind the mohawk dog's interest in me but his human insisted on keeping a distance so he wouldn't hump me. Should've let him try so I can teach that punk a lesson in dog etiquette.

Godpa says he's going to be busy the next few weeks especially in the evenings. So it looks like less photos of me and more on food *argh* He tried Komala's masala dosai today, it's pricey but alright he says. I wonder when I'll have a go at spicy foods. Would I go haywire like what happens after my showers.


D0gl0v3r said...

MoMo has a nick name "towel shredder"!!!

Nikki said...

Oh, maybe some human can start selling towels as new dog toys.
1) get dog owner to use towel once
2) rinse lightly in water and dry in cool dry place
3) give to your dog and watch her go crazy over it

lala (: said...

i'm the lady who want to adopt luna at the adoption drive.
i hope you remember me.
i was blog hopping and happen to read your blog.

Nikki said...

Hi lala, nice to see you visiting my blog. So you have adopted another dog already?


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