Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Where are you bound

Godpa's been spying on me at home with a new human toy. It's an Internet surveillance camera that he can use to check out what I'm doing. One thing he's confirmed for himself is that I'm a very loyal dog who waits by the main door for the family when they're not home. They've long suspected it but just couldn't verify.


In the human world, cremation is also used to send off the departed just like how Benji was transformed. Godpa sent off his uncle today. Eulogies are not common in Singapore but godpa actually had a pleasant memory in mind even though he was not familiar with his uncle. Back when he was a fresh army recruit he had some tough times in camp for the first three months, somehow this uncle got to hear of it and actually made a call to feedback to the staff. You see, his uncle was a career soldier. There must be lots more about his uncle that he doesn't know about. I think it's really a privilege when someone gets to know you well, just like how godpa knows me so well.


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