Friday, July 10, 2009

Artful doggy

Music be the food of love? Nah, give me a chicken wing anytime and I'll love you to bits. A trip outdoors would be nice too. I've yet to enjoy a ride in the new car because the wet weather ruined our plans for a trip to the dogrun.

I'm envious that humans have more options for recreation. Godpa went to attend a choir recital by some young kids from Monaco. They're called Les Petits Chanteurs de Monaco, which in French means The Little Singers of Monaco. I guess I would be called petit chien. or should it be Femme Fatale Nikita since I have a fiery streak.

The performance was held in an old building called the Victoria Concert Hall, which according to godpa is very run down with rusty looking air conditioning vents and noisy wooden chairs that are probably more suited to my small butt. Anyway godpa says the choir was good, especially when they sang classical pieces that showcased their powerful voices and masterful control.

One thing that almost marred the experience was the presence of young children and toddlers who were not content to just sit around. I can sympathise with them. What was puzzling for godpa was why the organizers or concert hall did not bar younger children from attending something not suited to their tastes. Thankfully the parents were considerate enough to leave the hall after an agonizing half hour trying to manage them. I guess godpa sometimes feels the same trying to manage my barkish manners.

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D0gl0v3r said...

Too bad you couldn't go with Daddy huh? Nikki :)

Hope to see you soon at dogruns! :D


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