Monday, June 8, 2009

Farm hound

Godpa "burnt" his Saturday attending some training. The venue was a pub restaurant in the Blair Plain Conservation Area, a place famous for Peranakan architecture. No dogs there but there were some friendly street cats. He took a photo of one that happened to be defensively staring at another alley cat. Gives me the shudders.

Our whole family went to D'Kranji Farm Resort yesterday. I was curious to see how a farm can become a resort. Godpa told me the concept is something like Qing Jing Farm in Taiwan but after yesterday's visit, he thinks the resort villas are overpriced considering the lack of natural scenery and the overall ambience of the place. Furthermore they don't welcome dogs to the resort except on special occasions such as the clubpets carnival.

The weather was just nice for us because it rained before we left the house. Poor Uncle Leon was having a sore throat but I'm glad Godpa was adamant on having this outing for me so I could show off my cute puppy haircut. There was a good crowd there and cars had to be parked along the road outside. The carnival itself was not a grand affair and had some stalls featuring dog food, doggy fashion, dog lessons, and grooming services. It was good that dogs and humans still came to support it though, especially for charitable causes like ASD, Noah's Ark, and SPCA. Godpa bought a nice white t-shirt from Noah's Ark, not for me, but for himself. It's rather cute with a big paw print embossed on dri-fit type material.

I received two photo requests, once by a grey haired Caucasian lady near the Noah's Ark stall. And another one after a sales guy came and requested us to join their lucky draw and photo contest. While all the dogs and owners seemed excited, my anxiety levels were pretty high because of my poor doggy social skills. My barks became a feature at the carnival site and it even led one man to give me a doggy dental treat. Other than quieting me, he was trying to introduce his product which unfortunately wasn't much of a success because I have great teeth from a raw diet.

Things were more peaceful for me when we explored the rest of the farm resort. The only incident was an unleashed JRT that came dashing out of a shop to tackle me. As we headed back to the car, I got a pleasant surprise as a fan of my blog came up to greet me. Godpa was surprised too when the young girl asked for my name and blog site to confirm who I was, and later revealed she follows my exploits on the blog.

I plonked straight into bed last night feeling comforted that I'm an urban dog who doesn't need to work her butt off as a farm hound. But I wonder if godpa wants me to work when he got me to pose with a bottle of tea this morning. Product endorsement anyone?


D0gl0v3r said...

The farm is amazing isn't it? :) We hope to see you soon Nikki, it's been a long time since we met. Are you still going to dog runs? :D

Nikki said...

Yes, dogrun visits happen on Wed/Thu evenings whenever godpa earns some off-time for over-time work.

VALERIE♥ said...

hello (: i was there for the carnival too (: and i was the girl who ask about the detail of nikki (: i have a dog blog too . (: hehes .


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