Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Hot Dog I

Our fridge broke down this morning, fortunately it was a minor fault and cost godpa $180 for repairs. He took the morning off from work just so he could wait for the repairman, setup an emergency ice box, and perhaps shop for a new fridge. Afterall all my precious raw foods are in the freezer.

Not wanting to sit still, godpa took the time to take some glamour shots of me. It was also a good opportunity for him to fine tune his Nikon D70s (and brush up his rusty DSLR knowledge) as he had been considering upgrading but eventually convinced himself that it wasn't money worth spending. He says he'd rather save for some certificate in Narrative Therapy coming up soon. So he mounted one of his best prime lens and patiently waited for me to pose. Frankly I was more keen on napping.

There are more glamour shots but godpa's heading back to work soon.


D0gl0v3r said...

I think the D70 still a good body! <3 the 50mm lens as well.

Nikki seems to look more beautiful with the bokeh. lol

Nikki said...

Once in a while godpa gets itchy after reading through some photography forums. Must ask him not to waste money.


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