Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Mysteries and doubts

Godpa read somewhere that smaller dogs mature faster and live longer than larger breeds. He's not quite sure whether that applies to me as I behave like a clingy puppy. Could the vet have made a wrong estimate of my age? I guess no one will ever know and I can keep my age a secret.

I was weighed this morning at home and got a surprise reading of 5.5 kg. I gained more than 0.5 kg since March? I think we'd better go uncle Leon's house to weigh again (not to the vet's, thank you). Uncle Leon thinks I'm being overfed with carbo from having rice at dinner time. Yep, blame it on godpa's parents because they can't resist my charm. Here's proof.


Anonymous said...



D0gl0v3r said...

<3 the new blog layout. Nikki cute as always! :)

Uncle Leon said...

Nikki usual tongue work... so cute


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