Monday, June 15, 2009

Great Singapore what?

Godpa went to the PC Show over the weekend, and he told me what a show it was. A massively great show of littering -- brochures were strewn all over in the big exhibition halls, trampled to bits under scurrying feets eager to find a good sale for the latest gadget. What a total waste of paper and inconsiderate behaviour. Godpa only picked up two brochures just so he could check out printer prices as his old Canon is going kaput. He's been to previous shows but somehow this one's a big mess. Is the Singapore Kindness Movement of any use? Well, at least godpa remembers the propaganda of the courtesy jingle when he was a kid: "Courtesy is for free, courtesy is for you and me ..."

Thankfully not all experiences are unpleasant. There's always a silver lining somewhere. Like when godpa and his colleagues were treated to freshly made egg tarts by a client. Yum, human food smells so good. Too bad godpa watches my diet like a sight hound. He has bought something useful for me though, a large 3 litre bottle of Earthbath puppy shampoo that'll make me smell like a cherry. Well, he didn't choose it based on scent but on the more natural ingredients used. I'll have to wait for it to be home delivered though.

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