Monday, August 10, 2009

What do you see?

What do I see (or in Hokkien "lekuasimi")? Not the moon and the stars but a new me of course. This time godpa got it right, no frizzy nose, just a clean cut.

Today we were supposed to visit the dogrun but the weather turned foul, not just gloomy but also smelly due to the forest fires in Indonesia. Guess I'll be stuck at home again like yesterday.

Yesterday, godpa had a sumptious dinner treat at Ministry of Food (MOF My Izakaya), his second visit there and it was well worth it. Great food and service. Godpa had a go at their salmon belly set meal, which was smooth and "fatty". I've had a try of salmon treats before but I guess they're not as good as the belly. The rest of the family tried Seafood Toji Tempura and another seafood toji with chicken in curry sauce. Everyone found the cold dessert satisfying, a mix of Japanese soft serve ice cream with shaved ice and various toppings.

What can I say? Yummy!


Uncle Leon said...

Nikki is longing for foods...

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