Monday, August 3, 2009

Gracious doggy

Godpa just got his PC fixed up, not a major problem but he says it could resurface again because the root cause was not established. Such an analytical mind, fortunately he gave up analysing my mind long ago. I've been visiting the dogrun more regularly and godpa was pleased to see how much more gracious I've become.

I still snap occasionally when dogs get overly friendly and we encountered a lady in the dogrun who used a distraction technique through quickly touching my neck. Godpa thought her move was risky as I might just nip her accidentally. She shared that she swears by the wonderful books that Cesar Millan wrote. I wonder if she would try that with Bear or Bruno? On second thought, maybe not Bear or Bruno because they're not like other dogs at all. Anyway I hope she keeps her hands away from me because I have bitten accidentally before.

Meanwhile the human world has added yet another place for window shopping (godpa avoids spending unless it's food). He tells me the place is called Ion, what a weird name for a shopping mall. I'm still waiting for a doggy mall.

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DoDo and MoMo said...

That lady gotta be careful if she is dealing with "really" aggressive one! :) I hope she still has her fingers? :D


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