Thursday, September 4, 2008

Wet and wild

It's been raining cats and dogs (hmm) these few days, but godpa finally made time to bring me to the dogrun this afternoon. The field was wet though I didn't mind and got myself all wet and dirty. Only met one 6 year old male chihuahua who came with 2 human kids. I wonder where the parents were. He was chubby and yet wanted to woo me. I spurned him in my usual chilli padi style. The rest of the time was spent chasing and barking at joggers and cyclists along the fence. Godpa let me ventilate as much as I wanted since I rarely bark.

After leaving the run, godpa tried to let me practice the obedience routines. He thought it would be great since there were so many distractions. I didn't like the idea and barked at most of the joggers and cyclists going past. Later on, we came upon a beautiful cat in the park who was pretty cool about seeing me. I don't really trust cats, so godpa made me walk past the kitty a few times. It went quite well initially but I got anxious with so many things going on around the park. I let out a burst of barks that godpa tried to correct, and unfortunately I was so wild that I bit godpa's ankle. Godpa didn't mind it coz he knew I did it accidentally. He knows I didn't use full strength or otherwise it wouldn't just be teeth marks.

Back at Uncle Leon's home, I got a good bath and they got to enjoy home cooked barley water. Uncle Leon's mum is so nice, though some times I'm not sure why she talks to me so much.

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