Monday, September 1, 2008

Good girl!

I'm mid way through training with godpa now! The trainer told us next week is an important lesson and all students are to be punctual. I wonder what he was doing showing a bunch of metal chain to the class? Godpa refused to tell me as he says it's a secret training aid. Argh, the suspense is killing me.

It's time to share some videos of me trotting away in class. This is the shorter clip of my training with godpa. We started doing recalls.

This is a longer clip and you can see how unruly I can be sometimes. Godpa saw some doggy owners flinch when I pounced on their little ones. I'm one hot chilli padi but I don't bear grudges, hopefully the humans understand that. Anyway they should thank me for providing great distractions every week :)

The last one is with Uncle Leon after class ended. You can see Uncle Leon's not too familiar with handling me. He keeps telling godpa to be firm, but it's easier said than done especially when I'm such a cute adorable girl.

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