Thursday, August 28, 2008

Owner obedience

Godpa has been training me regularly, even on cold wet mornings he gets us out so that we can do our obedience homework together. He's got a bit of the sniffles so he's been sleeping early to make sure he doesn't fall sick.

This afternoon we had great weather here and I got myself a bit of healthy sunshine. As you can see, godpa persists in training me. Fortunately he only asks me to sit-stay under shady areas. He even felt the floor to make sure it's not too hot.

I read that Bear and Bruno got into a bit of trouble coz some soft hearted (and mis-informed) dog owner thought her dog was being "attacked". I can imagine those two licking the dog and drowning her in a pool of saliva or maybe the dog fainted on seeing these handsome sexy boys. I guess she's never seen me on rampage before, though these days I'm a lot calmer thanks to the training.

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