Sunday, August 10, 2008

Resistance is futile II

Yesterday I attended my first obedience training with godpa. It was an exciting experience which made me bark a lot. Godpa was taught on how to make me more confident by correcting my barking. It was a bit shocking for me at first when I felt myself being jerked away but I could finally understand what godpa wanted me to do, which is to pay attention to him and follow him where ever he goes. Uncle Leon joined in later for the lesson and he is shown here revising the work with me. Notice how I managed to train Uncle Leon to come next to me when I sit :P (godpa tells me not to be funny and shift myself closer to whoever holds the leash).

Godpa is proud of me as I can now heel in pace with him at different speeds. Even on the way home, I have stopped barking after he corrected me using the training collar (godpa thinks choke chain is not the best label for a tool that helps in achieving positive results). I just lay down beside him while he enjoyed the drive and kept praising me for being quiet.

We also celebrated godpa's birthday yesterday. There were many guests and I got so many hugs and enjoyed myself being carried onto the laps of many nice looking men. Godpa caught me dreaming this morning, and he wonders if I was dreaming about the party or the training. What do you think?


Tigerkiller said...

excellent excellent work.

Nikki said...

*bow* *bow* It's been tiring for me. I slept so well I missed welcoming the family at the door when they came home on Sunday afternoon.


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