Sunday, August 17, 2008


Godpa's taking useless photos again in all sorts of places. And my shot isn't well taken, he says it's low light so the primitive phone cam had to use higher ISO to record the image thus it became very grainy and lacks color depth. The lens is not fast enough, so longer exposure times also aggravate blurs from handshake. Hmmph, as if I'm interested in photography.

Anyway it's another tiring day after obedience class. Godpa's head is a bit bloated after being praised by the trainer. Why no one bothers to praise me for doing such good heel work? I'm the one who gives full attention and trots around tirelessly. Well, ok, I admit I'm not that great at automatic sits and need more practice. Godpa says he already rewarded me with one whole piece of edible Nylabone. I'll let the matter rest then and go to bed *YAWN*

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