Thursday, August 14, 2008


So how do I look? For me, beauty comes right after food. After godpa's health check yesterday, I was brought to the groomer to get a new styling *yippee* One thing godpa didn't tell me was that he'd be leaving me alone with the groomer and the rest of the customers. He forgot to say his usual goodbyes so I got a bit worried. I was jumping for joy when he came back to fetch me with Uncle Leon. Godpa did ask if I behaved well and the groomer reported that I was a difficult girl, always lying down to avoid being trimmed. Well, I was just concerned about how I'd look since they never gave me a mirror to check on their workmanship.

Godpa told the groomer to give me a cut that highlights my svelt body and yet capture my cute alluring face. Godpa was eager to take photos of me in various poses, even ones that look embarrasing *blush* Everyone found my tail very cute, it looks like a Glico Pocky stick.

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Tigerkiller said...

You're SO PRETTY NOW! time for some Rottie Slobber.


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