Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Someone or something passed by our house this morning around 3am and I let out a series of loud barks that woke the whole family. Godpa came out to check but found nothing. He took a panadol this morning before heading to work, poor godpa.

It's a funny coincidence coz godpa just had this conversation with a friend last night; Tony has a miniature schnauzer and proclaimed how good a watchdog he's been. The dog's now 13yrs old, blind, and recently got operated for bladder stones. He told godpa how the family toiled when the puppy came into their lives, and the pain of seeing their dog through difficult times such as heartworm treatment, blindness, and recently bladder stones. Tony spoke of how some people and even vets quickly propose euthanasia, and godpa learnt there were vets who openly declare they opposed such an option in their clinic.

Not all vets are animal lovers. And Tony learnt this the hard way when an irresponsible vet was treating his dog for heartworm. It got to a stage where the vet said he was unsure what else to do and decided to vanish on a sudden vacation. Fortunately for me, godpa already knows good vets from previous experiences seeking help for the chinchilla boys.


joanne said...

My first dog Vivi died in that hospital too. Its a long story. But til today, I still believe that its their incompetence and negligence that caused the death of my beloved dog.

Nikki said...

May there be more good vets and may the good ones be blessed for their work *woof*


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