Monday, August 4, 2008

Busy bodies

Godpa had been busy but he likes to capture beautiful images for me. He says this was taken in a school. Wow, human schools these days are so grand.

For me, obedience training has started. I'm into my 3rd day of homework together with godpa. I'm not afraid of the heavy choke chain, infact I think it's as cool as my regular collar and I love it when godpa brings out the 15 ft. longe line to snap it on. It's hard work for godpa coz he has to train me for 40 minutes each day. I walk pretty well so far but there's still much for me to bark at. I feel more assured about godpa each time he brings me out for training, one day I believe I can be confident enough to ignore all those distractions.


joanne said...

"Jia You" Nikki ! You are doing great !

Nikki said...

Vielen Dank! Many thanks. Hmm, when did I learn German? Must be my schnauzer bloodline :)

Tigerkiller said...



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