Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Scenes from Taiwan

Godpa's back! He was at the door today at 5.30am waiting for it to be opened. I wasn't sure at first so I sniffed intensely through the gap. When I saw him I totally forgot my door manners and rushed through the gates. He was glad to see me too and we played for a while before he started to unpack the luggage. He even took me out for a walk to revise my obedience training and made my morning meal. Later on, we napped together so he could catch up on his missed sleep.

Godpa wanted to show me many things about Taiwan. But I'm more interested in dog stuff so he told me about the big pet store in Dream Mall, Kaohsiung. Puppy mills and pet stores are not establishments that we like, but this store is rather impressive. They give the puppies so much space to romp and even cute beds to sleep in. Dogs are very much welcomed in Taiwan, from the Taiwan specials (mongrels) that roam the town streets to the little pooches in bags and prams. Godpa even saw dogs sitting in a food court of Shinkong Mitsukoshi department store in Taipei. In Singapore, probably the only public place where dogs can be found dining with their owners is some HDB coffeeshop.

Other than the big pet shop, godpa also came across a more typical small one around the Liuhe night market in Kaohsiung. The cages are cramped and godpa says it seemed warm with all the bright lights. Sigh.
Well, on a brighter and more colourful note, the dogs in Taiwan are indeed well loved. Godpa caught sight of this proud owner and his golden retriever. I told godpa he must get me that cool looking bandana the next time he visits Taiwan.

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