Saturday, October 4, 2008

Exam time!

You think I'm stressed? Nah. I don't think godpa is stressed either. Patrick the trainer told him during our make-up lesson yesterday that we should pass the obedience test with no problem. By the way, the photo that seems to show stressed people (at least to me) is part of some exhibits taking part in the Singapore Biennale 2008.

How time passes, I'm now into my 7th month of adoption! Many people say I've grown, both in positive and not so positive ways. Uncle Leon and godpa say I look fat though the weighing scales don't show it. I tell them it's my fur giving a false impression but they don't believe it. They observed I didn't run as swiftly last Wednesday at the dog run. There were simply too many dogs around so I was too shy to show off my agile abilities in case some males got interested. Then of course, my calm composure these days and my performance at obedience class just after 10 weeks of training astounded even myself. I've also started listening to godpa's obedience commands at home. After tonight's test, I wonder what other program godpa has in mind for me?

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