Sunday, October 5, 2008


Weather was great and we all went to get me my blessings. The church was beautiful but that did not stop me from my usual misdemeanor. Many dogs were there along with rabbits and turtles.

The ceremony was short and simple, and we spent some time relaxing in the serene outdoors. We got a pleasant surprise when a lady who reads my blog came up with her dog to say hi :) Her dog's Scooby. Too bad I didn't know how to do a proper dog greeting, maybe next time.


Anonymous said...

Hello Nikki,

It's was lovely to finally meet you... you're such a pretty girl, with a beautiful coat!

Scooby's not that great at "doggy" hellos either... but we're working on him... slowly...

Maybe Scooby and you and hook up for a run @ the Admiralty dog run, someday!

Take care Nikki....

Nikki said...

It was a surprise for us too. My coat's ok but godpa says he'll give me partial botak look next time, recommended by groomer.


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