Sunday, October 26, 2008


Godpa couldn't keep me company on Saturday as he had a work event to attend. Well, it seems like a nice place to be working on a weekend. Only complaint he had was the bad restaurant service and quality of food served. He swore the beef steak was only something I'd enjoy (is my taste so low class?). He said I could have finished the whole dish on my own (it's that small a portion!). Poor godpa.

This morning, godpa came across a vagabond female dog and he was surprised to see it had red dots on its forehead. Some nasty human thought it was cool to decorate her with the markings of a Buddhist monk! Godpa says she looks well fed and not afraid of humans. If anyone wants to adopt her, do contact me and I'll inform godpa to provide the location. Right now she's loitering around the Yishun area.

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